Paint Besides Nature Creates Colour and Beauty

What would our dwelling be like without paint? A liquid and mastic composition is all that paint really is and a mixture of this sort can be applied to any surface and when it is dry will become a solid film. When we take a look at paintings that have been found in caves we know that paint has been around for many thousands of years and ingredients like ochre and oxides were used to produce colour.

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The Ancient Egyptians perfected the art of making paint substances as the proof still remains for all to see which also survived open air desert and the painted surfaces are still in perfect condition as are the colours that were used. They only made use of the basic six primary colours which are still used today KAWS FAR FAR DOWN Painting for sale . On inspection it was found that all the surfaces were first painted in white and their designs were outlined in black and the primary colours were mixed in order to create the array of colours which were used to colour in the designs.

The basic ingredient to make paint in those days was the yellow of an egg which would stick very easily to any surface and would harden quickly and in order to obtain colour they then used berries as well as various other plant materials and animals blood was also used to produce a red or pink colour.

Magnificent oil based paintings depict the period dating back to the renaissance where artists made the base of their paints up with a solution of linseed oil which allowed them to do fine art and paints of this nature can still be purchased.

Modern day technology has produced water based and acrylic paints which are being used extensively and one also has a choice of watercolours. Casein milk medium paint is also still available which was made and used during in the middle ages.

Paints that have never become outdated and are still made from the original recipe using the yellow of eggs as well as encaustic wax can be purchased from any paint shop. Also available is watercolours also made from the same mixtures used centuries ago such as tigers eye mixed with gum.

Moms and teachers are no able to supply their children with poster paints which have gained popularity over the years. And we can now also choose paints which can be used in our homes as well as paints for exterior purposes there are also primer paints which help us to protect the surfaces we are painting.

Getting into oil painting is a fun and rewarding endeavor, but you need to make sure that you are getting the right tools to start with. An oil paint set is a great way to make sure you have what you need. They vary in content and price range, so it is easy for you to find one that will give you what you want while staying within your budget.
Obviously, oil paint sets will have at least a small selection of paint in them. At minimum, they will have the basic colors that you can use to mix into just about any color you want. They will also have a few brushes that are specifically made for oil paint, and potentially some of the other tools that are often used with an artist’s oil paint. An oil paint set for beginners should also come with a book on basic techniques for using the paints and oil painting mediums.

Of course, you can also get oil paint sets that are for more advanced artists. This is a great way to provide yourself with the supplies that are varied and crafted for experienced hands to use. If you have a small collection of oils and want to add to it, or if it has been a long time since you painted and no longer have your supplies, a large set may be a good option for you. These sets are most likely to come with a wider variety of colors and tools, so you have the ability to create a wider variety of techniques and paintings.

You will quickly discover when shopping for oil paint sets that there are many things that affect their prices. One of those is the brand of the set. There are many different brands that you can find, and some are better than others. If you are just starting with oil paint, getting a mid-range set should be just fine. You don’t want to go too cheap, but there is really no reason to buy very expensive paints unless you have been working with them for a long time or have mastered some of the techniques.

Also, things like the case the set comes in will affect the price. If the case is made of wood, it will be more expensive than the one that is made of plastic. The same goes for the brushes and other tools that are included. If you don’t want to spend more money than you have to, look for little things like this that cost extra but aren’t that important.

When you get your oil paint set, you need to make sure that you get canvases for working on as well. If you don’t have the proper place to put the paint on, the results you get will not be pleasing. When you are shopping for canvas or paper, make sure that they are with the oil painting supplies. It can be easy to get them mixed up with supplies for other types of paint.

Also keep in mind that there are always new books coming out that you can get to learn more about working with your artist oil paint. No matter what level you are at, there are books that can teach you even more techniques to use. This will lead you to create even better paintings with your oil painting set.

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