Games are something that is very popular at this time, where fans who are mostly children often play online games for a long time. Even some of these children forget to eat and rest so that eventually games make children growth poor for themselves.

The rise of the circulation of online games and the number of enthusiasts at this time cannot be separated from the technological advances that are present at this time dominoqq terpercaya . Where to play online games itself is very easy where at least someone must have a smartphone and an internet network so that they can play online games. This can make players, especially children who are in their developmental period, waste a lot of time on games which ultimately games make children growth poor.

As we know that childhood is a phase of growth. At this early age a child will experience a period of growth to become a teenager someday. Therefore, it is important for parents to supervise their children in order to prevent the child’s growth from becoming bad which makes the effect of the child’s character not develop.

The game itself is a favorite game among children to teenagers. Even teenagers at this time can be said to have a bad generation, because it turns out that apart from being addicted to online games, there are also many teenagers who are addicted to gambling. This can be seen where sites such as dominoqq online, online poker and others are starting to be touched by teenagers.

Games make growth bad for children because children will always be motivated to play games, where children will forget to play in the outside world. Even though as we all know that there is actually a lot in the outside world that children can learn compared to just playing online games and staying at home.


As a parent, of course, you have an obligation to provide education and maintain the growth and development of your child. This is so that the child becomes a useful human being in the future. So that children develop according to the expectations of parents and the nation. Of course this will not happen if too many children are allowed to play games.

Games make children growth poor, not without reason. Children who are supposed to have an active period but because every day they just sit at home playing games on their smartphones, this hampers their activities.

Children who are always struggling in the room with games eventually make children become less sociable and socialize with those around them. Do not have friends, do not communicate and various other things that are missed.

Therefore, it is important for you parents to keep your children from growing up to become human beings who have bad growth values. Various ways can be done, among others, by limiting the use of smartphones for children, namely to a maximum of 2 hours a day.

Playing games is important for children to sharpen their brains to think, but of course if they are allowed to play for too long it will be a bad impact for the child. Ultraviolet rays from the smartphone itself are also not good for the child’s eyes. Children can suffer from nearsightedness at a very early age if they are left playing with smartphones for too long.

Be aware, Games make children growth poor!!

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