Paintball Gear – Kit Yourself Out

Paintball Gear is a broad term covering all the paraphernalia you need to set yourself up in paintball. This might include: a gun, ammo, mask, clothing, safety equipment and carrying belt. For the purpose of this article, I will disregard the paintball gun and all of its attachments. Whilst it is the most important piece of “gear”, it requires a whole article to itself (if not many). Apart from the gun, what else do you need to kit yourself out for paintball?

After the gun, the most important piece of paintball gear is the mask. The number of serious injuries may well be lower in paintball than numerous other sports, but they can be severe. It is not pleasant to be struck on the head by a paintball traveling at 300 feet per second. It is essential that you protect your eyes and ears from paintball damage.

It is sensible to wear a mask with ear flaps, and a visor to give protection from the sun. The mask should cover the whole head to avoid being struck on a sensitive area. They come in an assortment of colours and styles, but as cool as they look, safety must be your first concern with 7.62×39 ammo for sale this type of paintball gear. The mask must fit securely and be comfortable.

Alternatively, You could opt for protective glasses or goggles. These do not give as much protection as the full mask, but they are better than nothing. Protective eye-wear must provide full coverage of the eye area. Regular glasses or sunglasses are not sufficient. The glasses must have side blinders to protect you from fast flying projectiles.

Keeping to the safety aspect of paintball gear, you may also want to consider a padded paintball suit. This gives extra built-in protection to vulnerable areas, such as the chest and neck. Or you may favour hard plastic body armour that can help protect your back, chest, arms and legs. Gloves, vests, boxes and collars also increase your protection on the field. Many players feel happier about playing if they know they are fully protected and can, therefore, enjoy the game more.

One of the reasons for the encouraging paintball safety statistics is that there is a strong emphasis on wearing the correct protective gear and you may not be allowed to play without it.

Although there is no requirement to dress in a certain way, your clothing choices are important. You need to wear thick clothing for added protection; short sleeves or pants do not give sufficient coverage, whatever the weather. Your clothes should be reasonably close fitting; baggy clothes increase your chance of getting hit and eliminated.  You can buy clothing designed specifically for paintball, which can be effective, but whatever you choose, you need to feel comfortable and be able to move freely.

Paintballs fall loosely into the category of paintball gear. They too, like markers, merit an article to themselves (see Paintballs: Your Questions Answered ). They vary a great deal in quality, and as you would expect, they give different levels of performance. You should expect to pay more for ammo of a higher quality.

The current politically correct era that we live in is a far cry from the world just a few decades ago where guns were not considered a blight on society. People had a better understanding on how to care for and respect the use of firearms in the home. But times have changed, and if you want to stay out of jail and keep your guns from falling into the wrong hands, you better think about securing your firearms. Included here are some things you could do to help minimize accidents from happening.

Keep your ammo and your guns separate. Get a gun cabinet that has separate locking areas for the ammo and the guns. Do not keep your ammo and your guns together. Studies have shown that storing the ammo in close proximity to the gun causes 50% of accidental deaths. Many children today have been conditioned to not respect firearms.

Trust no one with your guns. If you have children and they can access your firearms at will, you are just asking for trouble. Kids are by nature curious. They may end up hurting themselves or someone else by exploring these curiosities. Not securing you guns and trusting that no one will mess around with your fire arms, is taking too much of a risk. Keeping your firearms in a gun cabinet or gun safe is a better solution to trusting the hiding spot in the closet or under the bed.

Unloading your guns after using them is a great way to minimize accidents and should be considered a mandatory step in gun safety. Storing your firearms is also important for gun safety. Make sure you look for a gun cabinet that has a lock. Gun safes always lock. Gun cabinets that lock help keep curious hands off of your guns. An added bonus is that most gun cabinets are made of wood that can be stained or painted to match your current decor. Some even come with glass doors to display your guns while keeping them secure.

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