The Best Motivation Comes When We Learn To Have Fun

Focusing on having fun as you work on your goals is what will bring you the most success! This joy allows you to be more creative and a lot more intuitive. This is also when you have the most motivation to do things, you don’t have to worry about procrastination.

Most of the real lessons we learn in life aim towards being happy first. Most of the difficulties we encounter is when we go against that. We can have so many dreams and ideas but still may have not been able to succeed with them. The biggest obstacle we put ourselves up against is that we rely on our success to become happy.

The concept of loving and having fun is easy to understand but very difficult to apply David Hoffmeister Online Retreat. That is because of our ideal self within the state of the ego. Our egos could be driven by belief systems that go after the wrong things; goals that are created to dissolve fear. But they are not in alignment with our true selves, or the higher good.

Our goals could be based on rewarding our self-worth, our financial situation, our ideals of success. The problem is that when we get there out of these beliefs, our egos will grow. We think we are pursing happiness, but when we get there, all the energy goes to our egos which gives us a false sense of happiness. We may feel very excited but true happiness comes from the heart..

When we focus our primary goal to be happy in the present moment, the rest will follow. We want to try avoid getting stuck in the survival based mentality, because that is all we are going to get. When the benefits of success follow, we can see them through love and gratitude instead of being vulnerable to getting into an ego boost. This energy builds itself and leads us to becoming who we really are.

Notice that when we are pursuing goals with only results in mind, we can easily stress ourselves out. What we achieve is often not enough, then we push ourselves to do more but none of it is really enjoyable. Then the motivation can be hard to come across and procrastination becomes an issue. Therefore the overall energy we have during the entire process is uncomfortable and everything is a chore. The only times we have good energy is when we see results.

Now, pursuing goals with happiness is not easy either, it’s not like a switch we can just flick on. It is a lot more complicated than that, but only because we have made it complicated. Therefore what we have to do is unlearn what we have learned. The positive energies that come with having fun has to come to us, we don’t get it by just thinking it. What we can do is set the intention that we want to learn to be happy in the moment, then our experiences will guide us in that direction.

What complicates everything in the first place is how all our fears we accumulated during our lives created beliefs that reinforced our egos. The ego is the state of mind that is controlling, overly analytical and that sucks away all of our life energy. The pleasure we can experience through the ego does not even come close to the joy we can experience when we are free of it.

To let go of all the complications we create, we have to let go of our egos, the beliefs that reinforce them and especially our fears, which are the root cause. When we can let go of these, we can learn to allow the happiness approach to flow in. This is how to shift our consciousness to being more productive according to our true selves.

It starts with self-awareness when we can realize when we are being dictated by own egos. This is when we have to start taking deep breaths. When we can allow ourselves to feel our bodies and feel our discomfort, we can lead ourselves to seeing our fears. The ego cannot release our fears and that is why and have to feel them and use them to energize our bodies. Then we can connect with our higher self to see the beliefs that we no longer need. Finally we can let it all go.

Backpacking in a foreign and exotic part of the world is a dream not many get the chance to materialize in their life. For the few lucky, brave, and determined people that are able to go on their own adventure, their checklist and what they are bringing become a significant choice. I plan to offer some personal advice that lifts some weight of this heavy choice and help to show you what you really need to bring.

First, I want to get rid of the fear you have about what to bring as well as the doubts you may have about packing “light.” No matter what you think you need, and how much you think you need it, half the things you plan on packing are not necessary. If you are traveling as a true-natured backpacking, you will only need the essentials. I decided from the beginning to travel light and once I had my stuff packed, I could not help but feel a bit scared I did not pack enough “stuff.” I soon realized into my trip that all this “stuff” you expect to need are part of the old lifestyle you were living back home, not the adventurous one.

Parenthood wraps up a myriad of roles. For the father of girls there’s a special role of eternal significance as I discovered when I took my youngest daughter to a Father/Daughter Valentine’s Day Ball a few years back now.

What reminded me of the special role of the father in being that ‘caretaker prince’ for their daughter was the promotional photograph on the flyer for an upcoming father/daughter ball.

The photo revealed in the face of the father the essence of, ‘Yes, she’s my little princess… but my real Princess is at home with my other kids.’

In this, the father is chivalrous. He’s the dire defender of his daughter’s dignity and chastity, and certainly her emotional wellbeing. But, there’s a limit. It’s an appropriate limit.

The father is, of course, most committed to his own Princess–his spousal partner–the other person in the primary relationship of his life. His role in bridging the gap in his daughter’s life is a temporary one. It slowly morphs from being teacher and guide to coach, then finally to friend. She eventually finds a life of her very own. And with his blessing!

She depends on him to a greater and becoming lesser extent through her formative years. The girls’ relationship with Dad is synonymous to her future relationship with her very own husband. The modelling process is steadfastly and fundamentally in place.

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