Your Very Own Worm Factory: Can O Worms

Having your own Can O Worms at home can bring a lot of good returns for you (plus its safe to have around when you’ve got kids at home). Other than the accessibility and the convenience that a can o worms can offer you, you also get to practice recycling on your own initiative. Recycling organic scraps and involving the use of composting worms in the process can make these decomposing materials breakdown much faster than all the other types of composting approaches. You can just take example of leaf composting. It can take a while for the leaves to produce finished compost. While the use of worms, you can be guaranteed to harvest castings in just a matter of weeks.

The can o worms composter is an effective equipment. It’s odorless and is very space-efficient. So if ever you’re thinking about where to do the composting, you can always have the option of taking the composter indoors or outdoors. With this worm factory, you’ll always have the opportunity to do some indoor worm composting at home, should you happen to live in one of those high-rise building types that have no outdoor space to offer (especially for those who have no yard space). So whether you’re living in an apartment or condominium, several areas of your home can still be used for its proper safekeeping. You can place this by your kitchen, under the kitchen sink, balcony, garage, or even in the basement.

Having a worm compost bin such as this not only helps you reuse what used to be unwanted resources (these can be organic scraps that can be collected from the kitchen or garden), it also creates an organic fertilizer that you can personally use or sell to others. This is what you refer to as worm castings. Castings from worms are packed with nutrients and minerals. It’s also been recognized as the one that has the most nutritional value compared to other compost produce.

Worm composters in this make are also sold with interchangeable working trays, a lid with ventilation holes on it, a collector tray (for where the leachate from the bin is collected), a drainage tap or spigot, five push-fit legs (made from 100% hard-wearing recycled plastic), some coir (can be used as bedding material), and an instruction brochure.

Worm farms in this structure can also house about a thousand worms inside it (for a whole year already). And because of its stacked/layered trays, you’ll no longer have to worry about harvesting their compost as these are left behind when the worms start eating their way up to the next tray. Now when the worms go upwards, you’re given the chance to unload the bottom tray, and have this stacked on top of the Can O Worms as a new tray.

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