How to Be a More Confident You

Life can be pretty scary as a child and for some people – even as adults they struggle to grow out of it. So how do we build our confidence? Becoming a mum and having time out from the work place can really dent your self esteem and your confidence. Following the birth of a baby, women often feel less than confident about their bodies/looks and even what their brains are capable of after ‘baby brain.’ Men go through similar things and they don’t even go through child birth!

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The break up of a long or short term relationship is traumatic enough for anyone and then there’s the daunting idea of getting ‘out there’ again to meet someone else. Your husband/wife/partner had accepted you as you were, will a new partner feel the same way

Confidence comes from the inside, its about how you feel about Yourself. You can’t love someone else until you love yourself. You need to be yourself, accept you for you, good and bad points. Be Yourself, don’t try to be someone your not. You can’t please everyone and not everyone is going to like you – but by the same token, your not going to like everyone either! Its important to know your strengths and weaknesses both physically and mentally – and play up your strengths and accept your weaknesses. Don’t be afraid to be different, we are all ‘unique’ and be proud of yourself and who you are.

Ways to boost your confidence self worth are numerous, Personal Development products, Meditation, Tony Robbins, motivational/Inspirational books/videos – you can find them on the internet or in book shops.

Be in the best shape possible, will also help your confidence, mentally and physically. Eat a good diet, ‘everything in moderation’. We generally feel ‘sluggish’ when not at our best, and getting exercise releases endorphins the hormones that make us feel good.

Confident people generally have a good attitude to life and have learnt to appreciate what they have. You can train your brain to respond positively to whatever life throws at your by doing regulation affirmations. Try writing down a list of everything you have in your life to be grateful for and another list of all your attributes, mental and physical ones ie I’m attractive, I’m good at math. Being appreciative for the things about you will make you feel more positive and feel better about yourself and by the laws of attraction will bring more good things to you.

One way to feel good about yourself is to take some time out for you regularly – exercise, walk, run, have a massage, meditate, read, listen to music. Whatever takes your fancy – but make sure you take some time out for ‘you’. Helping others is also a great way to give yourself a boost, whether that’s helping friends or volunteering. There are many volunteer organizations that require help or you could offer to go and read to elderly people at retirement villages, offer to do shopping, walk their dogs, the list is endless.

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