Hot CPA Networks Or CPA Offers Are the New Online Goldrush

CPA or Cost Per Action is a form of advertising that has grown in popularity over the years. There is a lot of confusion about how to make money from it, and the pricing model can be somewhat daunting to the uninitiated. Put simply, CPA pays when a visitor performs an action. That action can range from something extremely simple like submitting their zip code (called Zip Submit) or submitting their email (called Email Submits) on up to purchasing a product.

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There are some basics to making money online using CPA offers. Working through CPA networks, advertisers will pay web publishers to use part of their website or virtual real estate to reach a targeted group of web visitors . It has long been known that if you put your offer in front of an interested web surfer, they will more than likely click on the offer, banner or link.

If you want to make money using CPA marketing, look for a low risk, trustworthy and reputable CPA network. Don’t be a cowboy trying to find the hot new CPA network affiliate. Stick with the tried and true. There are too many fly by night CPA network affiliate program that could be gone before your next paycheck. Be careful that after you’ve joined a reputable CPA network, you look at the offers available. You want to select a high paying offer that is in a good paying niche like: electronics, weight loss, body improvement and the like.

Test the CPA offer to make sure that the niche has good traffic that converts. You don’t want to waste a lot of time in a niche where you get a lot of tire kickers and people who don’t convert into sales. It’s a numbers game, and you should see a conversion in 1 in 100 visitors. It can be expected that 2% to 5% of the people who visit will click through to your CPA offer.

Picking a good offer can be confusing, and you need to know the makeup of the people who visit your site. While you’ll want to get the highest return on your presentation of banners and links, you will also want the banner to be tightly integrated into what your site is presenting. For instance, if your website is about online gambling casinos, you will probably not want a CPA offer for Acai Berry Colon Flush. The reason for this is obvious – most people looking to gamble aren’t very interested in improving their digestion.

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