Rom-Com Anime Series

Yes, you read that right – Rom-com as it’s commonly called. To make it simple, it’s an anime series that is full of comedy. There is romance, action and mystery wrapped up into one. Romance Comedy Anime a.k.a rom-com anime make you giggle out loud and make you think a whole range of emotions and are just plain good. Manga like solo leveling

This is actually a list of my top 10 favorite rom-com anime, in no particular order. The categories are romance, comedy, drama, action, mystery, slice of life, action/adventure, harem, ecchi, romance, yuri, and moe genres. You can choose whichever genre you want. I’ll give you more information about each of them.

The Top 5 Rom-Com Animes of All Time

Romance Comedy Anime Some of my favorites are – Rom-com comedy anime like – Rom-com comedies where the story is all about two young lovers that get thrown into a complicated love triangle situation. It’s about how the guy is cheating on the girl and she’s trying to ruin his life. The girl is a super smart and manipulative girl who knows exactly what to do to get her man to love her again. Typical elements of a romance comedy anime are romance, lots of comedy and betrayal.

Haikyun, Romance Comedy Anime Another great one is – Haikyun, another top ranked rom-com anime where a boy meets a girl and falls in love with her, but then the girl ends up falling in love with a boy from another school. The main story follows their relationship, but the twist at the end is that the boy was actually seen by other students as the target of their crush. It’s a good romance comedy where the main story follows a love triangle, but it’s also had some sports/fitness elements where the girl and the boy compete in different sports. The animation style is similar to School Girl Laylee and is similar to Rom-com hybrids. There’s a good dose of fantasy in the story too. 10 recommended.

High School Girl, Love Actually Another great one I’d like to mention is – High school girl, also known as “the ga kyou San” (gae means love and kyou mean girls) is a romantic anime TV show. The story follows a young man, Yuusuke Tozawa, who fell in love with a high school girl while in high school. Yuusuke is so madly in love with the girl, he would do anything for her. He wants to marry her and live his life with her forever…but things just are not as easy as they seem. Due to a mysterious, unidentified power, several demons enter Yuusuke’s body and turn him into an immortal being with incredible power. This puts Yuusuke into competition with several other powerful immortal young men, all who are determined to take Yuusuke from the grasp of his immortal soul.

No Matter How You Look At It, The Bear Is In The Straw If you liked School Girl, you’ll love No Matter How You Look At It, The Bear Is In The Straw! This is an odd one, as the main story involves a Straw Hat pirate and a human, which would be of interest to people who enjoy fansubbing but not to those who watch this kind of TV show for its story. It’s a fun and fast-paced story about a man who finds himself in a life-threatening situation, with a giant bear on one side and his friends with guns on the other.

Rom-coms, or Rom-verse anime, as I like to call it, are usually more serious and realistic than slice-of-life anime like slice-of-life anime. For example, slice-of-life anime can have a romance subplot that takes place between the main character and another character, such as Shiki Ritsu in Araku Aradana. However, most Rom-coms take place entirely within the mind of a single protagonist, and this makes for a more mature and realistic story. For example, in Rom-com Ergo Proxy, one of the main characters, Hikaru No Go, is a robotics expert, who spends his days alone in his room, working on secret projects. One day, Hikaru meets up with two other boys who share similar interests–particularly in ergo technology, which is basically an advanced form of telepathy that is used in the war field.

There are many genres of Rom-com, from slice-of-life anime, fantasy, science fiction to more romantic comedies. But regardless of the genre, any good Rom-com always revolves around two or more characters, and the romance is usually in its center. For example, in the anime series Bleach, one of the main characters, Kuchiki Byakuya, has a crush on a female student, Setsuna. When she realizes that he is a Shinigami, a being that can control people’s mind, she decides to kill him to get back together with her own boyfriend, Ryuk dropped it.

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