Bar Scene Not Place to Find Dates – Online Dating Works Better

Dating and bars. Bars and dating. Question: Do these two words really go together? The answer: No. In my experience, you won’t find a longtime love match at a bar. speed dating

Why do I say dating and bars do not go together? I say this because I have known friends who find cheap thrills in bars but I have not known any of my friends to meet their love matches at bars. Likewise, I did not meet my wife of 10 years at a bar 交友.

My wife and I spent this past Saturday going out to eat at a wonderful Cajun restaurant and then to a dueling piano bar in Westport, Mo., to enjoy ourselves. I was able to kick back and relax. We listened to the talented piano players tickle the ivory keys and sing 1980s pop songs. Furthermore, I had the opportunity to observe many people singing along to the songs, slamming shots, and, yes, flirting 交友網站.

That seems to be all the goes on a bars–flirting. Most bars have loud music playing, so there is no chance to really talk, open up, and communicate with a potential love match. A bar is a place to listen to music, cut loose, and unwind–not a place to make a love connection and find a date.

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