The Best Free Apps For the iPod Touch – 2010

The iPod touch and the iPhone are must have gadgets, but they come at a price. The high price tag on these Apple devices is definitely worth paying but do you really want to be splashing out on apps after you just forked out a fortune? Not really. But not to worry: there are thousands of free apps for the iPhone and iPod Touch, from social media apps to games and from radio to virtual instruments the choice is just huge婚介.

Below are a few of my recommendations:

It seems like the whole world is on Facebook now so the Facebook app is an essential free app for your iPod touch or iPhone which lets you keep up to date with your friends whilst on the move. Another app which is excellent for chatting with your mates is the free AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) who needs SMS when you can use free instant chat? Or why not install the free Skype app and make calls to other Skype users for free? It doesn’t matter whether they have Skype on their iPod touch, iPhone or laptop 相親.

For the bloggers out there is the WordPress app. As long as you have a WordPress account or use WordPress 2.7 or higher software on your self-hosted blog site this app will allow you to create and edit blog posts and moderate your comments speed dating hong kong.

As the original purpose for the iPod was as a music player it is only fitting that there are thousands of music related apps. SHOUTcast is a website that allows literally anybody to create their own radio station, there are currently over 32,000 stations from both professional broadcasters and total amateurs and with the SHOUTcast app you can listen to any these stations straight from your iPod or iPhone.

For a more personalised choice you could get the Pandora Radio app which will create a playlist especially for you from the artists and genres you provide it with. Another free radio choice is the AOL radio which offers over 200 radio stations spanning over 25 genres.

Movies goers have an impressive range of apps to make buying cinema tickets as easy as putting your hand in your pocket. Apps such as Now Playing and Fandango Movies enable you to search for your local theatre and showing times and book your tickets. This function is also available with the IMDB app but it also has a lot more to offer as it’s the biggest online movie database, you can use this app to find out anything about more or less any film!

Some of the most popular app downloads are games and there are hundreds of highly addictive free ones. ‘Tap Tap Revenge’ is the hyper addictive super popular game where you have to tap along in time to the rhythm of your favourite songs in order to gain points. Another top free game is ‘Lightsaber Unleashed’ as the name suggests this game turns your iPod or iPhone into a Lightsaber: I don’t think I need say more!

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