A Full Review of Resident Evil 3 Movie

Milla Jovovich enters into the semi naked movie yet again as Alice (Milla Jovovich), similarly in the Fifth element movie & previous Resident Evil movies. Alice is oblivious to who she is like a new born baby. Her acting is good & she has the innocent look that she portrays whenever she is reborn, rejuvenated, created & etc in movies. Like other good actors, they act like there is no camera filming them. She dresses herself & starts walking in what looks to be the Umbrella Corporation building in the Resident Evil 3: Extinction (2007) movie.

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As Alice touches the walls of the glass walled corridor, she begins to remember its purpose & the viewer receives flash back images from the first Resident Evil movie. A good action start to the movie I would say just like in the first Resident Evil movie. An entire squad of tactical unit officers was killed by the laser dicer in the same tight corridor. However, unlike the other victims of the killer laser corridor, she somehow manages to find an escape by entering the vent above the false ceiling in the movie. What a narrow escape for Alice Ki Residences!

Alice is the heroine of the Resident Evil 1, 2, & 3 movies after all. Can Alice die in the Resident Evil 3: Extinction movie? It is a pity that the prior victims of the laser corridor did not think of using the same escape route. More nasty surprises await her as she moves deeper into the Umbrella Corporation building for no known reason. One can guess that she is trying to find a way out of the building. Judging from the looks of it, I reckon she is moving in the opposite direction. Obviously, more surprise awaits viewers in the Resident Evil 3: Extinction (2007) movie.

Alice is trapped by a force field which, like the previous laser infested corridor, has the ability to cut things into pieces. I presume that the directors thought that seeing people & things sliced & diced have a larger scare factor than small arms shot wounds. Anyway, one of the booby traps shoots her in the gut & she is taken away by folks in white colored biological suits. One of them orders that her blood sample is taken & her body rid off. The beginning of the Resident Evil 3: Extinction movie can have a viewer feeling perplexed.

I doubt it is to be the end of the gutsy heroine, Alice (Milla Jovovich) in the movie. In fact the dead Alice look alike turns out to be one of the few hundred failed clones that the Umbrella Corporation is trying to produce for another unknown reason. There is certainly starting to be a lot of unknown reasons in the Resident Evil 3: Extinction movie which either frustrates a viewer or keeps the viewer stuck to watching the movie.

Even for the established Resident Evil movies, the approach seems like a gamble. One thing is for sure, Alice is like a vigilante, wandering around the barren world, saving normal folks with her super powers. She shows her prowess of extraordinary powers by making a barbeque of the massive flock of menacing crows, threatening a band of traveling people. As usual, it is Milla Jovovich’s superstar appeal that makes the movie a success.

The use of a three dimensional imaging software is what makes the Resident Evil string of movies special. I reckon it is a good approach to movie making as the wire mesh images provide the viewer a planned view of the underground complex without having to make any of them real in the studio.

Still, there is not much of it anymore as most of the action is outside in the elements. Also, the Umbrella Corporation no longer has the fancy satellite control over Alice because she can override it with her mind. Viewers can look forward to a battle with marauding zombies in the deserted & barren sands of future Las Vegas in the Resident Evil 3: Extinction movie.

Alice’s new archenemy in the movie is Doctor Isaacs (Ian Glen) who is overly passionate about making clones of her & experimenting on them by having them killed. He becomes infected & transforms himself into a super zombie armed with murdering tentacles.

She travels to the Umbrella Corporation underground facility near Las Vegas only to find that the transformed doctor had killed almost all the people in it. By now, viewers can understand what the doctor was up to, trying to recreate Alice in order to domesticate the zombies. However, I believe his actual goal was different. He wanted to make an army of Alice’s which at the end of the movie, was up to Alice to put to good use in future sequels.

Alice (Milla Jovovich) does battle with the fast tissue regenerating zombie monster in the 2007 Resident Evil 3: Extinction movie directed by Russell Mulcahy who does well in improving the Resident Evil movie genre, taking over the helm from Alexander Witt & Paul W.S. Anderson. She manages to kill him by leading him into the laser dicer corridor.

In the end, one of the clones saves her & Alice vows to hunt down the rest of the Umbrella corporation people in the world with the help of her clones. A new change is coming in the string of Resident Evil movies. Alice is moving towards Alaska where it is presumably uninfected territory. So, snowy country it could be for the future exciting Resident Evil 4 movie sequel.

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